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Gabi Schoening ~  WISHING WELL

~  Intuitive Transformation  ~

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Gabriel Myriam Johanna Schoening
Certified Master Practitioner for Matrix Energetics
Intuitive Counselor
Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and Minister

Professional Background:

Matrix Energetics: Gabriel has studied Matrix Energetics intensively since 2006. She attended many matrix workshops, completed the training and had the joy and honor of observing Dr. Bartlett’s work in his office. She also assists his daughter Justice with her sessions. Gabriel is now a facilitator at Dr. Bartlett’s workshops in San Francisco, Seattle and Canada. She has her own healing space in Freeland on Whidbey Island.

Ayurveda: Gabriel is a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and has studied at the Ayurvedic Academy at Bastyr in Kenmore, WA. She completed an Ayurvedic apprenticeship program with Kumudini Shoba on Whidbey Island, WA and deepened her studies of Ayurveda in India with Dr. Vishnawathan and Dr. Kumar.

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About Matrix Energetics

Gabriele’s matrix sessions are creative, focused, intuitive, compassionate and open-minded. 
Matrix Energetics is a method of transformation, where old energy patterns collapse at the quantum level and new energy patterns unfold. Usually people report to feel freer, happier and relieved in some way during and after a session. At times physical symptoms as pain or headaches shift or go away . In general people feel like they can be more of who they are and often the changes are so deep and profound, that their whole life unfolds in new patterns from that point on. Because on a quantum level there is only light and information, which is directed by consciousness, our positive intent becomes a vessel for transformation.
A matrix session unfolds as a creative dialogue using information from our subconscious minds, which can show up as images, feelings, sensations, body memory, movement, impulses and also using specific matrix techniques as two-point, time travel and universal healing frequencies.

My ministry:

The wishing well is a symbol for the magickal powers of our subconscious mind. In fairy tales there is often a well that is whispering knowledge from a different realm to the seeker. Sometimes faeries, angels or ancestors come to assist him or her. For me this is an image for the magickal transformations, that I have seen happening in my work.
Sometimes people come when they feel stuck or hopeless. Usually they leave the session with new hope and new experiences.
In my work I provide sacred space for transformations to occur. I am a facilitator between the seen and unseen realms . With the consent of the client I call upon the assistance of healing frequencies, angels, ascended masters, spiritual guides and healers. Personally I try to totally "get out of the way" . My work is to allow the healing process to happen and I am not the doer, but the door.

Intuitive Counseling:
My main tool in doing this work is my intuition. That means I listen to that, what is NOT being said and the energy of the client. I pay attention to the signals the client sends to me unconsciously. I think we all know the experience, for example, when someone immediately after a car accident declares " I am fine", (this would be the message from the conscious mind), but if the person is injured, we might reply "I don't think so" instead of just going with the conscious message we were given. This is a metaphor. For example after a divorce people often struggle for years with feelings of loss, anger or low self esteem. Usually they continue functioning on the outside, but deep inside something still feels "broken". They might say "life goes on, I am over it". If this is only a protective statement and not entirely true, something will energetically contradict their words. In my work I will respond to and work with this energy, so that that part, that was contradicting the conscious mind, can have its transformation, too.
Sometimes people will have an emotional release, that is liberating, but not in every case. Transformation can be a very joyous experience, too. In fact many people access a state of bliss and happiness.

I am picking up sensations and feelings from within. At times I literally feel the client's energy in my own body, for example in my throat, heart or solar plexus. Sometimes it is some kind of pain, that tells me about a trauma, important experience or feeling. At times I get information also by sounds, color, words, thoughts and even songs. I also pay attention to serendipitous experiences and ask how these might be related to my client's experience. I just use them as additional information, knowing that we are all energetically connected with our environment.

Tools of Matrix Energetics:
The basic technique in Matrix Energetics is called a two-point This technique allows an old energy pattern to collapse at the quantum level. The previously "stuck" energetic pattern is now free to move around into a new and more useful outcome. Matrix Energetics also works with 21 healing frequencies, that were revealed to Dr. Richard Bartlett, the founder of Matrix Energetics, from the angelic realm. Another possibility is time travel to an experience or event in the past. This is useful for traumas, surgeries, accidents etc.
When I do this energy work my body starts moving with the energy of my client. It's just one way for me to get information and track changes. When I move, the client is changing. My body is indicating, that the energy is shifting. Often the client's body starts moving, too.

~ How can I  know if something is different and not the same any more?
There are objectively measurable changes like tingling in the body, sensations of hot or cold, trembling, laughing or crying to name just a few.
The energy work is opening up new ways of thinking and feeling.
The change occurs at the quantum level, where we are only light and information.
The energy patterns  can rearrange themselves according to our intent.
(To read more about this, see, "The Divine Matrix" by Gregg Braden or
"Matrix Energetics" by Dr. Richard Bartlett.)
The new patterns of light create a vibrational shift that  affects everything in your life like your feelings, behaviors, relationships, your car or your finances.

~ How do you typically begin a session?
I want to get to know the people I am working with and I want to know what I might be able to help them with. I follow my intuition and interest. At some point of a conversation in my office I am usually inspired to switch to matrix. That is usually when I feel NOW I understand something about the person I didn't know before and begin to understand an underlying pattern, that is causing distress for the person. In my matrix work I can go to "when in time did this pattern start” and bring in healing energy THEN (at that point of time , when it started) or I could go to a place in consciousness, where that problem is NOT or I can look for any place on the body, that feels rigid or stuck or a million other things. Important is, that I am inspired and trust that inspiration. And this is what makes this work FUN, too. SEEMINGLY absurd things can be very meaningful, because they hold a subconscious message. SEEMINGLY absurd questions can lead to just the door you needed. Allow your mind to get out of the way and relax.

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Wishing Well in Folklore
(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

A wishing well is a term from European folklore to describe wells where it was thought that any spoken wish would be granted. The idea that a wish would be granted came from the idea that water contained deities or had been placed there as a gift from the gods, since water was a source of life and often a scarce commodity.

The Germanic and Celtic peoples considered springs and wells sacred places.  Sometimes the places were marked with wooden statues possibly of the god associated with the pool. Germanic peoples were known to throw the armour and weapons of defeated enemies into bogs and other pools of water as offerings to their gods.

Water was seen to have healing powers and therefore wells became popular with many people drinking, bathing or just simply wishing over it. People believe that the guardians or dwellers of the well would grant them their wish if they paid a price. After uttering the wish, one would generally drop coins in the well. That wish would then be granted by the guardian or dweller.

The tradition of dropping pennies in ponds and fountains stems from this. Coins would be placed there as gifts for the deity in thanks.

This may be a left over from ancient mythology such as Mimir's Well from Nordic myths, also known as the ¨Well of Wisdom¨, a Well that could grant you infinite wisdom, if you sacrificed something you held dear. Odin was asked to sacrifice his right eye which he threw into the well and received wisdom. Mirmir is the Nordic god of wisdom, and his well sits at the roots of Yggdrasil, the World Tree which draws its water from the well.

 Having decided on what most to wish for, the wisher must stoop and drink from the palm of the hand three times, without speaking, at the same time revolving the wish, as it were, in the mind during the process. The wish must not be confided to any person however intimate until it be accomplished.

 The celebrated well on Maughold Head is formed in shape like a horseshoe. Tradition has it that it represents the imprint of the hoof of St. Patrick's steed, when he took a flying leap across the Island — the healing and magic waters gushing forth as a, testimony to the virtues of the message of good tidings that he carried with him.