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In a Town, By the Sea, There is a Man.....

This peculiarly funny video, by Robbie Cribbs of Sound Trap Studios, shows me (speeded  up) on the beach (with involute spiral wind turbine hat). The wind was too strong for bubbleman Tom Lindsay to create the giant bubbles that we had at the previous shoot (see pix below). My peculiar gait is created by my unique stilts that swivel at the  hips to give more control. I follow photographer Dave Welton so close on the way back  because there are places around Whidbey Island at low tide where one can sink in to the hips (not me, of course)!

Seawall park-1

Short Variety Show of Stiltman in various costumes

Dancing to Western Heroes at Choochokum Festival

Dancing to Western Heroes at Loganberry Festival


Phoenix on parade

Entertaining as Firebird at Freaknight 2010