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stilts win over juggling?

How old is too old to take up stiltwalking?


I'm a juggler/unicyclist interested in stilts. It seems that if I juggle at a fair and there is a stilt walker.. the stilt walker gets more attention! I'm 41 and alittle concerned about the fall potential. I used them a couple times in college but it's been a long time. should I make yours?


Yes, Ethan, stiltwalkers get more attention, even though your unicycling~juggling may be more skilled, because they get it up better!

Seriously, walking on stilts is easy, fun, safe and impressive.  You can gradually perfect your technique after you've incorporated it into your act.  I now walk on 5-foot stilts in crowds and feel safer than the people down below. But start out with 1 1/2 or 2-foot stilts until walking and falling are no-brainer.  When you get so comfortable on stilts that you feel a natural balance in your stride, then you really are out-of-your mind like the people say, but don't mind them, 'cause it's great fun and easy as falling off a .... So let me reassure you that once you learn how to fall gracefully, you needn't worry about crippling yourself in your old age.  I'm 59 (2000) and still going strong, even though I've taken some nasty falls on pavement. The body is a wonderful instrument that loves challenges.

Naturally, I am partial to my stilt design because I haven't seen a better one, and I've put much experience and thought into my plans. If you want the maximum detail in instructions and drawings, send me $15 and I'll send you the plans immediately.


Walk Tall,