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The pictures here are a sample of various Tall Characters of Larry Dobson and family of stiltwalkers
Click on image to enlarge and view photo gallery


High Jack over Unicyclist in Fremont Parade


Blowing Bubbles at Garlic Festival


Double-Bubbles at Garlic Festival

High Jack holding sholder stand

Waktal stacking Children
at Seattle Center

Moko Jumbie in-Sheraton ballroom

Moko Jumbie-Sherato n Grand Ballroom

Stiltman from below-Special Ed

Stiltman with Special Ed. Children at ArtSpring

Waktal-Sorella at ArtSpring

Waktal Sorella at ArtSpring

FireBird at Maxwelton Parade

FireBird in Maxwelton Parade




Pastel of Maxwelton Parade & Firebird

Gas Shadow-Brocure

Wizard of Gasworks Park


KickAss big feet on big stilts

HiJack w Juggler

Bon-Macy name change party

LAD-Jasmina-talia on Golfcourse

Waktal, Mystery Acrobat & Talia on Golf course

Golfing off the head

Teeing off a golfer at fundraiser

Stilt-family at Westport1_8-05

Stilt Family 5 at Westport Arts Festival

Jasmine on stage w ribbon-3

Jasmine twirling ribbons

waktal_jasmine-clown at chochokam

Waktal & Jasmine clowning at Chochokam

May Day 05-greenman-rainbow goddess

May Day Greenman Rainbow Goddess

Rainbow Goddess

Rainbow Goddes

Phoenix dance-3

Phoenix dance with Local Budha

Phoenix dance-Gabi

Phoenix dance ~Gabi~

Stiltman with IronMan

Stiltman finally dwarfed by IronMan


Sunny brightens up the day

Tall Flower-1  at Choochokam-03

Tallflower at Chochokam Arts Festival

Tilth Opening

Tilth Farmers Market Opening

Tinas new stilts w Stiltman at HP picnic

Tinas new stilts with Stiltman at HP picnic


Big Bug & Uncle Sam


Uncle Sam on old wooden stilts, and Children

Uncle Sam at Emerald Downs-baby3

Uncle Sam holding baby at Emerald Downs Racetrack

Uncle Sam greeting kids-compacted

Uncle Sam greeting kids

Waktal dancing at Westport

Waktal dancing at Westport

Waktal lifting child with family

Waktal lifting child with family

Wings on 4th-3

Birdman Flying down the parade route

Wizard Cape at HAL-montage

Wizard Cape at Holland-America Lines party

Wizard questionsLRW board member

Wizard in elevated conversation


dragonfly of Lake Union


Endangered Quetzel bird


Doug Skull leading Trolloween parade


Scooting Under Uncle Sam


Sir Formal’d Hyde at Seattle Art Museum

stiltman at BM

stiltman at Burning Man


god in creation myth at Oddfellows Hall

wizard drawing

concept drawing of wizard with arm extensions

stilted wedding wide

Mythical Wedding Ceremony

stilted wedding phoenix2

Chinese wedding Phoenix dance

Work for Peace

Uncle Sam will work for Peace

Iraq protest Peace Flag

Uncle Sam holding Peace Flag

Desert Storm

Gulf War Peace Rally Gasworks Park

Merlin at Burningman - story & pix

Far Out