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spiral of life-s

This “Spiral of Life” or “Spiral of Giving” is a concept to be incorporated into a barter fair or local event where the spirit of giving is to be celebrated.

Vendors are set up in the 10 foot wide outer spiral, with customers walking the parallel spiral path in between. As you enter the spiral the first vendors you encounter have wares for sale ~ the money economy. As you progress into the spiral, the next set of vendors are bartering their wares and services, and further into the spiral is the gift section where things and services are given away.

The heart of the spiral is the sacred healing space in the center circle that generates the involute spiral. Here is the alter, where you write down your wishes and prayers on flash paper, to be consumed in the sacred flame.  There are many approaches to use this configuration creatively.

The involute spiral is generated by “unwinding” the circumference of the central circle. As the spiral unwinds, the distance between lines remains equal to the circumference of the generating circle.

Involute of Circle math

The involute spiral has many delightful properties.  The drawing below shows how an involute spiral can be created as an envelope of circles.

Involute as envelope of circles

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