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Information about my act, what makes a good venue, and my rates.

My stilts are twice as tall as other stiltwalkers in the Pacific Northwest region, which can elevate my characters to fantasy realms and create highly visible attractions.  The ideal venue has enough space for me to take giant strides between groups of people, interact personably with them, & then stroll on.  The combination of distant view and up-close involvement provides the richest experience.  Least effective is when people are arriving or going to a scheduled event - they are distracted and don't take time for interaction. At festivals, picnics, fairs, etc. families love to lift their kids up to shake hands and talk, parade in and out between my legs, explore close-up this giant spectacle.  Taking family photographs with Stiltman is very popular ~ consider having a photographer on site to offer Polaroid pictures for sale.
Where there is music at an event, people are enthralled by my dancing with large cape or wings.  I can dance to any music and usually get the audience dancing too.  I also work intimately with other stiltwalkers, entertainers, jugglers, magicians, fire performers, mimes, photographers and musicians.  My entire family are stiltwalker entertainers and our package-deal is available at bargain rates! We can bring together just the right combination for your event, and can even create custom parades, pageants and dramas to make your celebration unforgettable.
It is important for me to know the nature of your crowd (age distribution, atmosphere you want to create, are they on their way to some event or just hanging out, etc.?), space (area, ceiling height, crowd density, footing - grass, concrete, etc.).  Some characters require more open space than others.  One design of stilts is best for parades and dancing, another for dense crowds.  I require at least 11 foot ceilings, 15 feet for full flourishing of my cape, 20 feet for the largest wings.
My fees vary depending on distance from home (Whidbey Island, Washington), costume, total time involved, traffic, ferry line, funds available for the event, etc.. In recognition of the current economic slump and tighter entertainment budgets, I have significantly reduced my rates to $250 for the first 1.5 hours and $100 for each additional hour. I am always open to negotiation and barter.  If you want specific pictures or larger photos for publicity, call, write or Email, and I'll send them to you.

Standing Tall,