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Energy Healing

Location: Ayurveda Plus, 3609 SW Corbett Avenue, SW Portland

Time: Tuesday, March 10th at 7:00 pm

This is a good opportunity to get an introduction and experience of quantum healing. Your $10.- donation will count towards a private session with me, if you were interested in that. If you are already familiar with this work it is also a good opportunity to introduce your friends to it. I am happy to answer any questions and will offer mini sessions after the presentation.Gabi combines her intuitive gifts with the transformational power of Matrix Energetics. Matrix Energetics is a new method of transformation based on quantum physics and allows for the possibility to create a desired change fast, for yourself, for your children, your family or relationship. It is effective, fun and revolutionary. This evening will give you a solid introduction and live demonstrations.



Evening Talk at New Renaissance Book Store in Portland, 1338 NW 23rd Avenue, Monday, Mar. 23,  7 pm,

(503) 224-4929, $12

Gabi Schoening, a certified Matrix Energetics Master Practitioner, intuitive, Ayurvedic practitioner and minister, will use her tools to help you trust your inner guidance to address conflict, challenging life situations and emotional or physical pain. Her passion is to help others shed “old skin” then move into a new phase, make new choices and take desired steps. She’ll help you access a realm where old energy patterns collapse at the quantum level and new energy patterns unfold. After time with Gabi, people feel like they are more of who they are, and often the changes are so profound, that their whole life unfolds in a new way.


Healing Sessions with Gabi at New Renaissance Bookstore, Portland

on March 29th & 30th and April 8th, 16th & 30th

(please book  sessions on these dates directly through New Renaissance Bookstore, 1338 NW 23rd Avenue, (Tel. 503- 224-4929), for any other dates please call Gabi at 503-246 4788.

Gabi is a Certified Matrix Energetics Master Practitioner. She learned the Matrix techniques from Dr. Richard Bartlett, author of Matrix Energetics. What is Matrix Energetics? It is a technique for creating positive and instantaneous change. Powerful, fun and simple, it’s an approach that connects us to a greater wisdom and power with ease and grace. A matrix session can be used to release trauma,for greater happiness, to balance emotional states, to clear stress and transform your life in ways you always wanted to. Gabi is also a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and a minister.


Matrix Energetics Study Group in Portland, OR

With Matrix Energetics Master Practitioner Gabi Schoening
Thursday, March 19th, 2009 at 7pm and Thursday, April 9th at 7pm
Downtown Portland in the 6 story Mayer building,
corner of 12th at Jacke Schroeders office (matrix practitioner)
1130 SW Morrison St., Suite #604
Portland, OR 97205
Jacke’s office: (503)777-1366

This group is open to anyone who has attended at least one workshop with Dr. Richard Bartlett. Come and ᅠcreate community; share, connect with others, get inspired - we can all learn from each other. Hours count towards certification. It is a place to ask questions, share your experiences, practice with each other and have fun. Come for an evening of play and transformation.
Cost: $20.- at the door. Materials: please bring your manuals and note book, a bottle of water, comfortable clothing and your playful self.
Space is limited.
Individually and collectively we are creating the matrix of our lives! Quantum pioneers welcome!
Looking forward to seeing you,
Gabi Schoening


New Women’s Support Group with Gabi Schoening, Matrix Energetics Master Practitioner, Socialworker, Intuitive and Minister of the Universal Life Church

 Wednesday, March 11th, 11am – 2pm. Please RSVP by March 9th. Meets once a month in SW Portland.

Energetic and compassionate support from the heart for your journey, transition, transformation and your dreams to come true.

Receive the support of transformational energy work (quantum healing, Matrix Energetics) and a safe place to share in a confidential small group setting. Energy exchange: $33 per meeting. Feel free to come once or every time! If you would like additional support between meetings I will be available for transformational sessions. To register please call Gabi at 503-246 4788 or e-mail her at gabi@whidbey.com. Website: http://doortothelight.com/


Quantum Mysteries with Gabi Schoening, Matrix Energetics Master Practitioner, Socialworker, Intuitive and Minister of the Universal Life Church

Thursdays 10am – 12pm in SW Portland. First class will be March 5th. This group is being offered weekly for both men and women. RSVP requested by Tuesday before.  Together we are accessing a deeply transformational sacred space full of surprises. Are you adventurous and ready for new discoveries? Do you want to apply quantum healing to your life? Do you want to play? This is a safe place for sharing, ritual, fun and transformation. Energy exchange: $ 20 per class. To register please call Gabi at 503-246 4788 or e-mail her at gabi@whidbey.com. Website: http://doortothelight.com/