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LAD on stilts pruning pear tree

My parade / dancing stilts, shown above, are peg stilts (without lower feet), weighing merely 3 lb 5 oz each, with resilient rubber balls for shoes - to absorb shocks and allow graceful spins while dancing.

The other pair of stilts with the big feet are for close-quarters (in dense crowds, between tables, etc.) and marathon performances (up to 6 hours a day).  Built with aircraft alloy aluminum, the large articulated feet have a mechanical advantage for precision control from my feet 5 feet above. The pair weighs only 14.5 pounds, including hip harness, straps and size 22-EEEEE shoes.
   These unique, one-of-a-kind custom stilts are much superior in stability and comfort to drywall stilts or “Bigfoot” stilts for heights over 3-feet and.  I also prune trees, clean gutters and decorate ballrooms with them on.  They greatly speed up the work! 

I have performance tested and perfected their reliability over a 20 year life span.  I can custom-fabricate to your exact measurements a pair up to 10-feet tall.  Yes, they will be pricey!  E-mail me or call 360-579-1763

I am currently perfecting an amazing pair of ergonomic
spring-toed sprint-stilts
 using the latest lightweight aluminum alloys, carbon fiber composites, and super-strong tension cord.

by Don Ehlen!


by Elijah Bonesteel


See pictures below:

spring-toed sprint-stilt
spring-toed sprint-stilt-side

I have only built one stilt so far, which weighs 6lb 1.5oz with shoe.  The next one will be of more form fitted carbon-fiber, and considerably lighter weight.  The configuration shown here is 2-feet high for prototyping.   The stilt can be disassembled for transport, and the single light-weight aluminum tube can be made any length.


  • feet above & below rotate at ankle, keeping leg-bone aligned (especially important with tall stilts)
  • High-strength, light-weight tension cord transmits foot movement through single light-weight tube
  • Tension adjustable for rigidity or additional springiness, replaceable, adaptable to any height of stilts
  • Leaf-spring in toes gives additional spring to step
  • Mechanical advantage available for larger stilt-foot.
  • Disassembles for transport
  • custom-fitted, comfortable, responsive natural movement
  • You can sprint with them!
spring-toed sprint-stilt foot mechanism2

 These pictures show foot manipulation while running with an equal-height peg stilt.

This could be the new Extreme Sport craze! 

I’m now looking for investment funding to bring this product to market!