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springvalley dome from drive springvalley-slide-dome-high Crystal Dome-2

This “Crystal Dome” was built  using local poles, with a unique stucco/foam sandwich construction at a 1975 cost of $10/square foot. The actual structure is 3-story with a bell-tower on top, as seen in the center photo (behind the ferrocement transition entranceway with slide from roof).

Adze-2handled02 Springvalley dome inside poles

Most of the construction was done with hand tools. Joints were form-fitted using specially designed adzes like the one above.

Triangles are facets of the octahedron
Squares are facets of the cube
Diamonds are facets of the rhombic dodecahedron, the true diamond shape,
as the angle, 109° 27’ 16”, is the diamond bond angle.

Crystal Dome-3