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Quotes about my work
This is life changing stuff and it is easy and painless and it feels great!

  • I am thinking of the amazing things that happened during our Matrix session with you and the warmth, safety and feelings of well being. My wife went back in time to 35 years of age and had a new direction and new energies. Someone we met said that my wife looked exactly the same as the last time they saw her many years ago. I had been telling her that she looked much younger after the session and she does. Now others are confirming it. Her energy is up and she is so happy.
  • As for me now every day is full of new hopes, joys and ideas. I am now using a hologram of a quantum laptop computer to program my life the way I want it. I love having access to the quantum reality so I can co-create a joyful and productive life. You have helped me so much already, I cannot thank you enough.
  • I found the passage in the bible where the apostle Paul would walk by the sick and his shadow falling on them cured them!! Jesus walked on the water and turned drinking water into wine. I am now thinking about re reading the bible and listing all of the quantum events I find there. I think it could be useful as a tool for people who have not realized that the laws of physics were broken many times in the new testament alone!! The bible is full of Matrix type events and now I can see them as such. Both my wife and I feel lighter when we walk, as though gravity has shifted for us.
  • When I went to the first matrix introduction, I met a lady who had just had a melanoma removed that very day. It had been on her back and the surgeon had split the skin for a couple of inches, removed the offending tumor and folded the skin back then stitched it up. She was in considerable discomfort.  Gabi was in front of her smiling and waving her hands around. I felt like I may have just walked into some kind of airy fairy thing but decided to see what if anything would happen. The lady was obviously sad and tired, and she kept saying "oh that's ok, I have some aspirin, I will be ok". Gabi just kept smiling and waving her hands gently through the air until she felt the quantum shift of energy. We went upstairs and did not see the lady again until nearly two hours later. I was shocked at the difference and so was the lady! She was radiant! She said she had no pain at all and had so much energy that she cleaned much of the house and did the dishes. This woman looked younger and she couldn't quit smiling. She said, I don't know what you did but that was good medicine!  Gabi replied, I didn't do anything.
  • Of course by then I had already had my own experience and I knew this was a good thing. It is hard to describe to others but at some point, I experienced such peace and comfort that nothing compares to that state. A side effect for me is that I keep getting interesting ideas. My mind feels like I went back in time and came back with a younger  brain. Sorry, don't know how else to describe it.
  • The more I learn, the more I see it as the divine source where all things are possible. When I say all things, I now have a stronger sense of what all things are. All things are not limited by my imagination or past knowledge. In quantum reality, you can set up your own rules!
  • I remembered some miracles in the new testament and I wondered if they were using the Matrix principles to do them. I dug out my bible and soon I found examples where the laws of physics as we know them, were broken.
  • You don't have to give up anything to get it and it works. The Matrix can save tens of thousands in medical bills and eliminate much pain. Even cellular memory is healed.
  • Your presence and touch are authentic and pure. The energy movement was very powerful and effective. I felt and feel a sense of right with the world and grounding true to my request. There is such grace in your work. I felt a profound release of old energies, for use available now.
  • Thank you for passing on these divine adjustments and thank you for bringing us all closer to the divine. I pray to receive these gifts fully. I am so happy and excited about this work. Many blessings upon you. Thank you for your loving energy. We are blessed to have you in our life. With love and great respect.
  • You have sacredly held me through so many significant life changes. Thank you for blessing and supporting me in such meaningful ways.
  • We have talked about your work as one of the most magical moments we've shared together....your presence so filled with protective grace and powerful invocations...Thank-you beyond words, dear Gabi, for your magnificent presence and perfect attunement.  We feel your love and are ecstatically blessed!
    You have been such a blessing in my life. Your work is definitely accelerating my process. I felt blissful for 36 hours.
  • Thank YouThank you, Gabi for the energetic cleansing and balancing. It is just what was needed!
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you, for everything, Gabi! Blessings and hugs.
  • Thank you, Gabi, for opening your heart to us. It is a great honor to know you. Thank you for your great and gentle spirit! 
  • Dear Gabi,  thank you for a day in Heaven. What medicine could be better than that? I'm definitely feeling better. Your island is great.
  • Before you worked on me I felt like there was something keeping me back. Afterwards I felt like the wall just broke and whatever was keeping me back just lifted. I felt a lot more free and still do now after all these weeks.
  • My anxiety is gone. I feel happy and relaxed.
  • After the session with you I had a spiritual peak experience, that was absolutely fantastic. I also had very interesting dreams and I am much less worried. My physical discomfort has disappeared.
  • Thank you for providing a safe and nurturing space. I was really in need of that. The session was very magical and I feel transformed.
  • I am grateful for our journey together. I leave with roses in my heart.
  • I experienced a subtle, but profound and powerful change in myself.
  • You help me out every time I come. I feel better immediately afterwards each time. My whole life has changed and I am like a new person.
  • After the session I felt my inner child again, the darkness was gone. I felt an inner calm and peace and a clarity beyond words. I am more aware of what is inside of me and feel love for myself
  • I feel unstoppable now and I am really in my power. I feel a lot freer.
  • You are definitely doing work you are meant to do.